• Id Beirut

    id Beirut... space profilers.

    id Beirut is a design boutique founded in 2007 by visionaries dedicated to creating of spaces specially tailored to embody your ID.

    Through our expertise in architecture, interior design, graphic design, artistic installations, as well as in psychology, your ID will journey from concept to object.

    Jean BouDoumit

    Jean Bou Doumit, Founder, General Manager and head designer/architect of idBeirut, sees design as a reunion of architecture, arts, and notably psychology, defining his role as a “dream catcher” whose main purpose is to mold spaces silhouetting his clients.

    Remaining true to his clients’ identity and requirements, his psychology-based designs are dedicated to private residences, and mostly to public spaces and hospitality establishments.

    Contact Us

    Merhej center., fourth Floor

    Opening hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

    Phone: +961 3 541 934
    Email: id@id-beirut.com